How to survive the winter ❄️ 

Hi guys I am very sorry I didn’t post last night but I had a very high temperature and wasn’t feeling too well.Today I want to talk about how to survive the winter. I do love winter but I do struggle with it sometimes!!

Get a hot water bottle!                         

This is a must have for the winter! I like to put one at the end of my bed before I go to sleep  to keep my feet nice and warm

Honey and lemon.                       

This is great if you have a sore throat or a cold and it warms you up so much!

New pijarmas                             

    I don’t know why but there is just something about new pijarmas that just really excites me!!


   I know this seems obvious but gloves is a must have unless u want red,dry and numb hands!!

Hot chocolate                                        

Yes it’s childish but honestly you can’t get much better than a warm hot chocolate after a cold wintry walk!!
What are your winter staples?

Please tell me in the comments below

Until next time…💗


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