Monthly favourites

January faves

Hi guys,

I don’t normally post on a weekday but I had to make an exception as this is my first favourites post!


This has to be my garnier oil infused cleansing water.I flipping love this stuff!! It smells amazing but I do not recommend this for people with oily skin 


Well obviously I had to add some lush things!! My faves this month have been avobath and lava lamp๐Ÿ›


I am obsessed with call the midwife and I highly reccomend this!!


Guys seriously check out Sweet pea blogs I cannot stop reading and no not because she ma bestie!! Honestly highly recommend!!


This is a bear nessecity for many but seriously if u don’t already have some but your self some dry shampoo it will save youโ€ฆ trust me!!
Until next timeโ€ฆ๐Ÿ’—


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