Chocolate eclairs!!!

I love eclairs and the other morning I woke up and instantly thought “today I am going to Attempt choux pastry!”

This took me two attempts.For  my first batch I followed Paul Hollywoods recipie from his book pies and Puds which used strong white bread flour😳 I was confused because I know that strong white bread flour doesn’t rise without yeast but I (wrongly) ignored my instinct and followed the recipie thinking to myself Paul knows best!!! I was wrong.

The eclairs tasted like eclairs but were flat. Very flat. So the next day I sent my self on a mission to master choux pastry!When I was googling I noticed all the recipes used plain flour.So I decided to play it safe and use BBC good food. (Linked below😉)The thing I was incredibly confused by was that the BBC good food recipe was also by Paul Hollywood but as I said used plain flour. They came out the oven puffy and perfect! So that is my experience with choux pastry.

My one piece of advice would be to make Sure your shoulder doesn’t hurt before starting because it will probably after!😂

Eclair recipie BBC good food
The top two are the BBC good food eclairs.

As you can see with the eclairs in Paul’s book I had no room for cream so I had to put it on top😁

Until next time…💗


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