about me

Liebster award

Thanks to pippa for nominating me for this award!
My favourite song would have to be ain’t no body by Jasmine Thompson.
My dream job would be a chef

I would love to visit Greece I don’t know why it is warm ,has nice beaches ,cool myths and great food.
I could not live with out my family and friends I know it sounds cringy but they are the ones  who cheer me up or like for family they pick me up when the bus breaks down or something …..
I would love to have a bearded Dragon because I love them !
My favourite lush product would have to be Dragon egg bath bomb because I love citrus scents
My favourite vlogger would have to either be zoella or Thatcher joe .zoella is nice and she does some baking and joe is just hilarious
My favourite meal is fajitas because they are so nice as you can put what you want in .
My favourite book is rooftops
My favourite chocolate is either salted caramel galaxy or Cadbury caramel
The one thing I want for the world is universal education I think every child should have a voice and they should be able to speak for what is right .
I nominate

Emily’s kitchen
penny’s food blog


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