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Lush haul thoughts


This is what my bath looks like after I had put yog nog in it the colour was a very bright yellow and it smelled of really sweet toffee


This was my bath when I put the candy mountain bubble bar in very sweet candy floss very similar to snow fairy and it made amazing bubbles but the colour was really pale and wasn’t as pink as I would have liked to be


I Loved this shower jelly I find it smells very strong of lemongrass not pacifically lemon and the scent stayed on my body for quite a while and it was just a bit of fun

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of lord of misrule it was my mum’s favourite but I wasn’t too keen on the scent because I’m not a fan of rose or earthy scents like this bath bomb but the colour was amazing hidden behind that green shell was a purple inside which resulted in my bath to be the colour of Ribena



I really liked the you’ve been mangoed bath melt the only problem I have with it is it does NOT smell of mango it smells more like lemongrass. This however did leave my skin very soft and I would purchase it again Lush just need to change the name!
  Star Dust bath bomb was really nice and smelt of vanilla this did not colour my bath but it had stars in it  mad of tissue paper I think


So white was my favourite it smelt of apples and turned my bath red I am also aware this is zoella`s favourite bath bomb



I am sorry this post took me so long to publish it’s just that I have to use each other product and add to this post each night anyway I hope you enjoyed and you will go and try some of these products for yourself x x


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