tapas night 2

I am so sorry you got this so late but I have not stopped all week and this is the only chance I have had to sit down and just blog.

The chorizo and red wine worked out very well and tasted amazing the only thing I will say though is that it has to soak in wine overnight so you have to plan it. IMG_20160102_194242[1]

The  rice (I took a pic of what was left)  used long grain rice because it goes better with Spanish food and I stirred in some peppers and chicken stock.IMG_20160102_194248[1]The stuffed mushrooms were delicious they were spread with a garlic butter and then stuffed with bread crumbs and baked.IMG_20160102_194210[1]

the patatas bravas was very spicy but still yummy IMG_20160102_194152[1]












the sizzling prawns were at bit disappointing they were just normal and not very sizzling.IMG_20160102_194203[1]

the lemon and garlic chicken was amazing I just loved it!IMG_20160102_194222[1]

 the orange sorbet was more like a granite than a  sorbet but defiantly cleansed the pallet and was a nice fruity finish to the meal

if you liked the look of any of these recipe’s please just ask and I would be happy to post the recipe

happy new year

blaise x



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